Writer’s Block.

Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I sat down and just.. wrote. In fact, I had to look back on my last post here (my blog) and the last time I wrote for myself was seven months ago. Wow. Just typing on the keyboard without having a due date or awaiting grading feels so good. 

I haven’t written much since I started nursing school this spring. My focus just.. shifted. I dropped a lot of things just to keep my eye on my success in school. It worked, but now that I’m at the end of my first semester, I realize that I really miss writing. It’s a whole other part of me that I’ve been neglecting. 

Last December, I almost lost my life to my truck. I was in constant pain, before and especially after the crash. Also, my little brother’s mom died. Then I was kicked out of school. Then I lost a lot of friends. A little heartache even. The list goes on. I used this blog, and writing, to help cope and begin healing from all of that. I’m still healing. 

Things didn’t start getting better for me until I went back to school. I decided that nursing was better than what I was doing at the time, which was as a CNA. My hip joints and back were constantly aching from the tendonitis in my iliopsoas (es). Now it turns out that I really enjoy what I get to do from nursing school. 

Since winter break has started, and with more time on my hands, the itch to write has been screaming at me. Which is what I created this blog for. It was to find my true voice and become comfortable with whatever it is that I have to say, which is actually a lot. Funny how in person I’m such a shy person for most. Oh how little do they know. 

I know some say that writer’s block isn’t a real thing because that said person might be lazy or just unmotivated. After this year, I would confidently say that is not true. I don’t consider myself either of those things, generally speaking. There were times during this semester that I really wanted to write, but it literally was this.. thing keeping me from just sitting down and writing. I never forgot writing either, it was still on my mind, just waiting all this time. 

As for the future, I hope I don’t go seven months without writing again. Whether it’s on here or on a book idea I’ve had for well over a year. My dream of becoming an author still awaits me. One dream coming true at a time. I hope I never stop. I know I have the potential, and the words, and stories, and emotions, all just sitting in my mind just waiting to be heard and known. What keeps me going is hope. As for writer’s block, I’ll plan to stay true to myself, no matter the circumstances.

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